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Zebra Jumping Spider

The Zebra(Salticus scenicus) Spider, also called Zebra Jumping Spider, is a species from the northern region. Like other jumping spider species, they don’t make a web to catch prey but rather are acclimated to chance predation by staying patiently for unknowing prey and suddenly jumping on them to capture. They get their name from the zebra for having black and white stripes on their body. These zebra jumping spiders can be found in urban and residential environments. 

Zebra Jumping Spider Facts

Size5-6 mm length for males, 5-7 mm length for females
ColorBlack & White color similar to zebra stripes
Dieteat Insects, terrestrial and non-insect arthropods
Lifespan2-3 years
DistributionFound in North America, Britain, Europe and Holactric region

Physical Appearance & Identification Traits

1. Size

Male zebra jumping spider size is 5-6 mm in length, and female spiders are 5-7 mm in length. Female spiders are usually bigger.

2. Color

Zebra Jumping spiders are black-white similar to zebra stripes. Zebra jumping spider body is black-covered with shiny white hair.

3. Web

Zebra Jumping spider do not build web to catch prey

4. Eggs

These zebra jumping spiders reproduce during the late spring or early summer period, and in a few weeks, the female zebra jumping spiders lay egg sacs in the protective web. Those Egg sacs layed by a female spider can contain 15-25 spider eggs. After 3-4 weeks, the eggs hatch, and the young spiders emerge from the egg sac and leave to begin living independently.

5. Other characteristics

Zebra jumping spiders are terrestrial species. These spiders lead a solitary life. They’re among the many spider species that don’t make webs. They like to hunt during the daytime. The Zebra spider is believed to have the sharpest sight in the spider and insect world, with four large eyes that give it excellent stereoscopic vision. The colors of these spiders help them stay camouflaged.


The average lifespan of zebra jumping spiders is around 2-3 years; however, females tend to outlive male spiders.


Zebra jumping spiders are found in walls, fences, plants and trees for outdoor areas and Can be found behind the curtains on walls for indoor areas

Preys and Predators

Zebra jumping spiders eat Insects, terrestrial and non-insect arthropods and hunted by wasps and mantises


Zebra jumping spiders are found around north America, Britain, Europe and holactric region

Does Zebra Jumping Spider Bite and If They’re poisonous?

Important question people often is, are zebra jumping spider poisonous? No, these zebra jumping spiders are not poisonous and not harmful to humans at all. Zebra Spiders wouldn’t bite you unless they feel threatened or are provoked by humans. If bitten by zebra spiders, only a mild irritation sensation can be experienced by the victim of the bite. Its poison is not dangerous to humans and might only give symptoms like a mild irritation.

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