Tropical orb weaver spider

Tropical Orb Weaver

The tropical orb-weaver of the Eriophora ravilla genus is a member of the Araneidae family and has a wide range, indigenous to most parts of the United States.

Tropical Orb Weaver Spider Facts

Size12 to 24 mmm in length for females and 9 to 13 mm in length for males
ColorReddish brown color body but stomach color varies from brown to gray
DietSmall insects
Lifespan12 months
DistributionFound in Caribbean Islands, tropical part of Florida, Central America

Physical Appearance and Identification Traits

1. Size

Tropical orb weaver size for both gender are different. The females vary from 12 to 24 mm in length, whereas males vary from 9 to 13 mm in length

2. Color

Female tropical orb weaver spider have a mostly reddish-brown cephalothorax and legs, with darker femora. The dorsum of the abdomen can vary from gray to brown. The males have a similar color to that of females, but their abdomen is much smaller as compared to females and is dark gray in color

3. Web

The tropical orb weaver hides in curled up leaves during the daytime, and after-sun sunsets, it emerges and builds spiral-shaped webs between trees, plants, or human structures. The spiders spend their night at the center of the web.

4. Eggs

Tropical orb weaver spider lay small oval-shaped eggs which are enclosed in the sac.


Tropical orb weaver spider have a lifespan of up to 12 months.


Tropical orb-weavers are usually found in woodlands, orchards, and citrus fruits grooves.

Preys and Predators

Tropical orb weaver spiders usually eat small insects that get trapped in their webs.


The tropical orb weaver, Eriophora ravilla, is found throughout the tropical areas of the Americas from Florida along the Gulf Coast, throughout Central America, the Caribbean Islands, and Northern South America.

Does Tropical Orb Weaver Bite, and Are They Poisonous?

The tropical orb weaver’s bite is harmless for humans. Even if they bite, symptoms like minor pain or swelling are seen. It is recommended to disinfect the bite to avoid infections

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