Ravine trapdoor spider

Ravine Trapdoor Spider

The Ravine trapdoor spider species Cyclocosmia truncata, commonly known as Ravine Trapdoor Spider, belongs to the genus Cyclocosmia in the family Halonoproctidae. These spiders are rarely found and live in different parts of North America.

Ravine Trapdoor Spider Facts

Sizefemales are 30mm in length, Males are 19mm in length
ColorBrown color body
DietCricket, beetles, grasshoppers
Lifespan12 years for females, 5-6 years for males
DistributionFound in Mexico & United States

Physical Appearance & Identification Traits

1. Size 

The female ravine trapdoor spiders are 1.2 inches (30 mm) in length, bigger than their male counterparts. The male ravine trapdoor species are 0.75 inches (19 mm) in length, smaller than their female counterparts. 

2. Color

Like most spiders of the Cyclocosmia genus, the ravine trapdoor has a brown color body.

3. Webs

Most ravine trapdoor spiders are sighted in the web, and they produce and build a web to catch prey.

4. Eggs

Ravine trapdoor eggs remain within an egg sac, which the female SpiderSpider protectively hangs inside her burrow. The female ravine trapdoor spider lay around 300 eggs.

5. Other Characteristics

Ravine trapdoor spiders have rotund bodies and thick legs. The end of their tummy possesses a disc-like structure for clogging its burrow’s entrance, especially when threatened by a predator. If seen from behind, these spiders resemble a flat, circular shield. Their eight eyes are closely arranged in two equal rows, four up and the remaining four down.


Ravine trapdoor spider lifespan is 5 – 6 years for male spiders, and female spiders are known to live for about 12 years.


Ravine trapdoor spiders are found in Damp, shaded slopy areas, and hilly regions.

Preys and Predators

Ravine trapdoor spiders like to eat Cricket, beetles, grasshoppers, and wasps hunt them.


Ravine trapdoor spiders can be found in two countries Mexico and the united states. And are sighted majorly in the state of Georgia and Tennessee.

Does Ravine Trapdoor Spider Bite and If They’re Poisonous?

Most frequently asked question is are ravine trapdoor spiders poisonous? The bite of the ravine Trapdoor Spider is of low risk (nontoxic) to humans and not poisonous at all. Ravine trapdoor is a non-aggressive spider usually timid. It rarely bites and is considered not harmful to humans.

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