Dark fishing spider

Dark Fishing (Dolomedes tenebrosus)

The spider species Dolomedes tenebrosus, ordinarily known as Dark Fishing Spider, has a place with the class Dolomedes in the family Pisauridae. Spiders of the family Pisauridae are many times called nursery-web bugs. They experience their general surroundings through touch; each wave on the outer layer of the water or even a little imbalance in the surroundings lets the bug know all it has to be familiar with its current circumstance.

Dark Fishing Spider Facts

SizeFemales are 0.59 to 1.0 inches and males are 0.27 to 0.51 inches
ColorMottled Black and brown color
Diettadpoles, small fish, and aquatic insects
Lifespan2 Years
DistributionFound in southern Canada, south of Florida and west of Texas and Dakota

Physical Appearance and Identification Characteristics

1. Dark fishing bug size

Females are 0.59 – 1.0 in (1.4 – 2.4 cm) and males are 0.27 – 0.51 in (0.68 – 1.2 cm)

2. Color

Dark fishing spider is mottled dark and brown, with few white markings. The abdomen has dull W-molded designs on the upper surface. The legs are often banded with brown and dark colors

3. Web

Unlike various spiders, dark fishing spider don’t weave webs around to catch prey.

4. Eggs

In June, the female dark fishing spiders delivers a huge egg sac into which she starts laying eggs. She hefts the egg sac around with her mouth as she wanders about. The egg sac contains up to about 1,400 eggs. A couple of days before birth, the female joins the egg sac or case to a surface and constructs a nursery web around it


Most dark fishing spiders live two years.


Normal living spaces for dark fishing spiders(dolomedes tenebrosus) are marsh, lake, and lake edges, where it very well might be found on tree trunks, rocks, and logs.

Preys and Predators

Dark fishing spider list of prey incorporates tadpoles, small fish, and aquatic insects. The predators of fishing spiders are birds and snakes.


Dark fishing spider species happens to come from southern Canada, south to Florida, and west to Texas and the Dakotas.

Are Dark Fishing Spiders Poisonous?

As dark fishing spiders are shy in nature, they don’t bite easily unless necessary. The bite is quite the same as a wasp or honey bee sting.

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