castianeira crocata spider

Castianeira Crocata

The Castianeira spiders belong to corinnid sac spiders living in the Americas, Eurasia, and Africa, comprising 127 species. These spiders are sighted in the state of Georgia, South Carolina, and texas in the united states. 

Castianeira spider facts

Size5-10 mm long
ColorRed or Brown Color
DietSmall Insects and ant
Lifespan1 Year
DistributionFound in Africa, Asia, United states

Physical Appearance & Identification Traits

1. Size

 Castianeira spiders are 5-10 mm long

2. Color

Castianeira spiders are found in red or brown color and can be identified as ants’ color. These spiders also have a white, scaly appearance on their abdomen like ants.

3. Web

Castianeira spiders are often sighted on the web and use the web to trap or hunt their prey.

4. Eggs

The eggs of Castianeira spider remain in a silken sac, which is white and circular, attached to rocks or stones nearby.

5. Other characteristics

Species belonging to this genus have eight eyes arranged in a curved manner in two rows. The longest leg is one at the rear end, while the second in terms of length is the pair in the front.


Average lifespan of castianeira spider is 1 year


Castianeira spiders are more active in the month of may. They are found on parks, shrubs and woods.

Preys and Predators

Castianeira spiders like to hunt small insects and ants they are hunted by birds, wasp and bigger spiders


Castianeira spider found in parts of africa, asia outside of united states. In United states they can be found in states like texas, south carolina and florida.

Does Castianeira Spider Bite and If They’re Poisonous?

The short answer will be no. Their bite is not venomous at all. Although you will feel mild pain if they bite, their bites are not harmful to humans. Castineira spiders would bite if they sense danger to defend themselves from outside threats. Castimeira spiders do contain small amount of venom but only to hunt their prey and their venom is only effective on their small prey.

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